Taxi worker gets medal for saving from sex

A taxi firm worker who risked her life to help a ager being ly aulted by a str has been received an award for her bravery.

Guardian angel Teresa Locke received the Binney Medal at the National Police Chief’s Council Police (NPCC) Public Bravery Awards last Monday after she helped a 16-year-old girl escape her er while she waited for a cab in Maidstone.

Teresa Locke receiving her award from ACC Andy Pritchard (left) and NPCC chairman Martin Hewitt (right). Picture: Kent Police

Ms Locke was working at Sapphire Cars on Pudding Lane on August 21 2021 when the was pounced upon by 33-year-old Oluwaseun Oseni who grabbed her by the waist and throat and pushed her against some shutters.

Ms Locke tried to intervene but was punched in the face by the father-of-three 美容有限公司 breaking her gles.

Oseni then dragged his to a nearby car park where he pulled the young student to the ground and laid on top of her – he was partially clothed at the time.

Ms Locke tackled the drunken man while hurling rocks and stones at him.

She shouted for help and soon others rushed over and ushered the ager to safety in the taxi office locking the door behind them.

The hapd in Pudding Lane MaidstoneOluwaseun Oseni was ed for three years. Picture: Kent Police

But the ailant from Orpington would not leave the alone following her to the door while hammering on the window and staring at his until police were called.

He was in June this year and sentenced to three years in after he admitted ault as well as causing actual bodily harm to Ms Locke.

Judge ert Lazarus 美容集團 美容有限公司 who overheard the case 美容院 美容集團 美容有限公司 praised Ms Locke for showing “great bravery”.

The taxi worker from Maidstone was awarded the medal at a ceremony in Sheffield.

It was named in remembrance of Sir Ralph Binney 美容 美容院 美容集團 美容有限公司 a retired naval captain who d while trying to stop an armed bery and honours those who put themselves at risk to prevent and protect vulnerable people.

t chief conle Andrew Pritchard. Picture: Kent Police

Mrs Locke was presented with her award by istant chief conle Andy Pritchard and Martin Hewitt 美容有限公司 chairman of the NPCC.

ACC Pritchard said: “It was an absolute prige to be present to see Teresa recognised for her extraordinary actions – she fully deserves her commendation.

“Whilst our officers across the county are trained and prepared to deal with such incidents members of the public are not and it’s humbling to witness that in the face of adversity Kent residents are prepared to risk their own safety for others.”

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