Starbucks shuts eat-in branch suddenly

An American coffee house chain has closed one of its eat-in branches due to “health and safety reasons”.

The Starbucks in Discovery Park, Sandwich, was shut today after a sign appeared in the store’s window.

The Starbucks in Discovery Park, Sandwich, has suddenly closed

The global franchise opened the branch in November 2021, after it was granted planning permission back in 2019.

As a result, 15 new jobs were created for the area.

It was launched by EG Group – a British retailer which runs petrol stations across the UK and the whole of Europe, as well as fast food chains.

A sign posted on the door of the store said: “Due to health and safety reasons the café will not open until further notice.

“Drive thru is open as per usual.”

A sign says the store will be closed until further noticeThe branch sits opposite an empty Leon drive-through

Inside the lights are still on and there is a hazard sign on the floor, however it appears that no staff are present.

The establishment, on Montagu Road, sits opposite an empty drive-through building, which was planned to be home to healthy fast food chain Leon.

Back in November, Leon confirmed it would no longer open the branch, despite construction appearing to be complete.

It is understood the site will now be occupied by a Burger King restaurant and drive-thru.

Starbucks have been contacted for a comment.

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