Zelda, Super Mario and other retro Nintendo games selling for as much as £700,000

Rare and retro video games have turned out to be almost as big a business as the latest ones available, according to research conducted for an online gambling platform. And at £233,338, the 1990 version of Nintendo World Championships is the most valuable vintage video game currently available.

But even that falls thousands and thousands of pounds behind a still-sealed games cartridge produced in 1987. One of the original games of The Legend of Zelda, no longer available, fetched £700,000 at an auction in the US last year.

However, Nintendo World Championships, which was created as part of a Nintendo competition promoted in the US, has become a prized and highly desirable collectible. The 1990 package came in the form of a cartridge and included the games Super Mario Bros, Rad Racer, and Tetris. Its current value is double that of ClayFighter: Sculptor’s Cut, which ranked second in the league table of valuable games.

The extremely rare gaming cartridge has become one of the most coveted in the world and was made especially for the 1990 Nintendo Championships.

In second place was ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut (1998), valued at £127,275. With only 20,000 copies ever made for the former video rental giant Blockbuster, this update of ClayFighter 63⅓ was difficult to source even in the 1990s. Even so, the video game was 172 times more common than the Nintendo World Championship, of which only 116 cartridges are known to exist worldwide.


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