Couple baffled as mystery gnomes appear in garden – then one arrives from France

A couple left baffled by mystery gnomes which keep randomly appearing in their garden said another turned up – in the post from France. Christine and Stephen Lock say the bizarre ornaments started turning up in February 2021, without explanation.

Despite asking neighbours and posting an appeal on Facebook, the pensioners – a mayor and mayoress – say they are still no closer to solving the peculiar puzzle. Six – dancing, fishing and Pride – gnomes arrived in their front garden in South Molton, Devon, over 18 months.

They thought the influx was over – until one turned up in the post, from a stranger without a note, just a return address for Paris, France, in September. The latest addition – the first to have been received in the post – has a red hat and yellow apron and is carrying a flower box.

Christine, 66, said: "We still haven't found out where they've come from, but we have received one from Paris. They seem to be being placed outside overnight, and I haven't got a clue who is doing it, not a clue.

"Everybody I've asked has denied it – family, friends, neighbours – it's very bizarre. It doesn't really make me feel uncomfortable. I don’t mind them if they put them in the garden."


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