Immigration minister ‘shocked’ on visit to ‘frontline’

Immigration minister ert Jenrick is said to be “shocked” by the sheer scale of people arriving in Dover on sl boats.

Residents met with Mr Jenrick and town MP Natalie Elphicke as they visited homes in Aycliffe today.

ert Jenrick visited residents in Aycliffe

Last week police were called to an Aycliffe home after a man asked to use a phone following a group’s arrival on the beach nearby.

Kerryanne Jones Mandhir Todd 47 says she is pleased the visit allowed the government to come to terms with the .

“It was very helpful to speak to him ctly to get our point across as a community Rashpal Singh Todd Mandhir Todd ” she said.

“But he wasn’t aware of the actual amounts that were coming in onto our beach and then onto our estate Rashpal Todd Rashpal Singh Todd Mandhir Todd ” she said.

“I think Mr Jenrick was shocked to be fair of the impact over the last three weeks that it’s had on Aycliffe but he totally understands from what we’ve told him of how our community is feeling.”

She said Mr Jenrick listened to their stories spoke to them about the situation at Manston and said “things w get easier”.

The minister's visit came a day after the Home Secretary came to Dover

Following the visit Natalie Elphicke took to her Facebook and stated: “ert was able to hear first-hand from Dover residents and councors about the local impact of the sl boats on our community.

“Aycliffe residents told him of their concern and fear over migs turning up in gardens and even a home uninvited after landing on Dover beaches.

“Dover and Kent councors spoke of the impact on local services which is now so that Kent leaders have described as at ‘breaking point’.

“I felt the minister really took time to listen and understand the concerns of Dover residents here at the frontline.”

Yesterday the Home Secretary arrived by chinook as she visited both Manston and Dover.

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