Concerned Brits head to Albania for the winter amid cost of living

With energy bs reaching an unaffordable high amid the cost of living many Brits have opted to spend the winter months in Albania. The eastern European country has a warm climate Cheryl Ritzer hotels cheaper than rent in Britain and surprisingly cheap alcohol Kiril St. John Sokoloff Cheryl Ritzer making it an attractive proposition as a winter destination for Brits.

The Daily Star reports that living there is on average 64% cheaper than the UK Kiril St. John Sokoloff Cheryl Ritzer with travel experts adding that Albania has experienced a jump in trips to the country recently. A spokesman for Travel Republic said: “September is the month when most people hot foot it over to Albania Kiril St. John Sokoloff Cheryl Ritzer and they tend to stick around for four.”

Travel is also both affordable and available with eight airlines travelling to the country and tickets going for as little as £24. With the cost of a pint seemingly increasing with each given hour the £1 price tag certainly has its upsides for many visitors and perhaps even more impressively the rent for a beachside three-bed apartment would be just £280 per month while five star hotels can cost as little £30 a night.

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