First look at new adventure golf course ahead of opening

The first ball I hit went into a waterway.

The second rolled back down a slope.

Watch: Reporter Sam Lennon visits Roman Landings

Tiger Woods won’t be sweating over my golfing career.

My impeccable excuse is that this was the first time I had handled a golf club since 1975.

That was when I tried crazy golf during a primary school journey to Butlin’s holiday camp in Wales, in the days when Tony Jacklin was the UK golfing king.

It took a little more practice for me this time and after a few more tries and I was able to get the ball over the obstacle of a mound.

A few more times I got it close to a hole but never inside it.

Michael Humphries has opened the new adventure golf course

This was my experience at the brand new Roman Landings adventure golf course at Walmer Green today, on the eve of its opening day.

The centre’s boss, Michael Humphries of Broadstairs, offered KentOnline a sneak peek at the 18-hole course.

He said: “We think this is a really great spot for adventure golf.

“The plan is to be open all year round, 365 days, not just weekends and school holidays.

“I used to bring my children to the paddling pool next door and and at that time this site was a putting green.

“We already have an adventure golf centre in Manston. We built that seven years ago and that’s really popular so we were keen to find another site.

Sam returned to the golf course this morning, for the first time since the 70s!

“This just looked perfect. Walmer is obviously a gorgeous seaside location and it seemed a really good fit with the paddling pool already being here.”

Adventure golf is a step up from crazy golf and this is a 2,000 square metre 18-hole site designed uniquely for Walmer and Deal.

The theme is the area’s heritage covering eras such as Roman and medieval and the area’s smuggling past.

The Roman section has magnificent sculpted and painted statues of Roman soldiers. When you walk onto the mock-up of a galley there is a little surprise.

You trigger the soundtrack of galley slaves groaning as they row the giant boat and and the single bangs of the slavemasters’ drum.

The course from above. Picture: Garry Begg Drone PhotographyThe homage to Dover Castle

Another structure represents the Roman Pharos lighthouse in Dover.

The medieval section has an archway with the sign “mind thy head” and is guarded by a knight in full armour.

Another section is for Walmer Castle with one structure showing the head of the Duke of Wellington on top of a wellie boot. He was Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports from 1829 to 1852 and the castle would have been his official residence.

Lobster pots represent Deal’s fishing heritage and a lantern represents the smuggling era and there is also a homage to Dover Castle.

Objects on the ground are obstacles for players to get the ball around and the more advanced to putt through their holes.

A Roman soldier looks over the course

Trickier parts are small waterways you have to get the ball over, where I first failed. There is also a raft which players can use to get across water, by pulling a rope to get from one side of a hole section to another.

The centre is manned by 15 staff and is in place of a putting green that existed up to the late 2010s.

Mr Humphries also took over the lease for Walmer Paddling Pool last summer and that will be free for the public.

His other adventure golf course is the pirate-themed Rascal Bay in Manston.

The Walmer site has splendid, eye-catching decor and should provide a fun day out for adults and children alike.

The Roman Landings adventure golf course at Walmer Green opens at 9am tomorrow.

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