Murder accused ‘danced before stabbing man with jagged neck of bottle’

The man accused of murdering a friend has told how his ex-lover was dancing just seconds before stabbing the man he called “dad”.

Shane Myles had been banished from the Folkestone home of pal Paul Wakefield, 66, for stealing a television, a jury has heard.

Paul Wakefield died in hospital after being stabbed at his home in Coolinge Lane, Folkestone. Picture: Facebook

But on January 3 this year Myles went from Gillingham to the flat in Coolinge Lane, where former girlfriend Kayleigh Halliday had spent the night at Mr Wakefield’s and then later attacked him.

In a recorded police interview played to Maidstone Crown Court, Myles claimed he had gone there to apologise for the theft.

He said: “I took his TV about seven months ago. I was homeless and he was letting me sleep on his sofa.

“I stole his TV ‘cos I was smoking crack. He wouldn’t let me in at first. Kayleigh answered the door and said: ‘Hear him out…he’s come all this way to apologise. I said my apologies and then he accepted them.”

Myles said that others had gone to Morrison’s to buy Vodka.

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He said Halliday, who had spent the night at Mr Wakefield’s flat, began dancing and knocked over the TV and the two began arguing.

“We were all chatting and listening to music and then Kayleigh, who was dancing, staggered and fell into the TV and I picked it up. Paul was shouting at Kayleigh: “Oh what are you doing to my TV?

“I told them (both) to stop it…and said: ‘Don’t hit him and she smashed the bottle over his head and Paul was on the floor.

“I heard two smashes…I think she used a cup as well. She was calling him a ****** and stamping on his head.

“I was quite shocked. Then Kayleigh went into the kitchen. I think she was looking for a knife. I said: “No, that’s stupid then she was stamping on his head and in the stomach.”

Police at the scene of the stabbing in Coolinge Lane, Folkestone

Myles said he believed his ex-lover had used the jagged neck from the smashed bottle.

“Then she said: ‘Oh I think we’ve killed him’….She picked up a bit of glass and stabbed him in the stomach.

“She lifted up his T shirt, stabbed him, Then I said: “What have you done? Then she was like: “Oh I think we killed him…Oh do you wanna run away with me to somewhere?

“So I picked up (Mr Wakefield’s) bank card and put it in my pocket.

He claimed the two then left Mr Wakefield covered in blood and went to Folkestone Central Station and visited then visited a friend.

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Myles added: “While we was there, Kayleigh was saying: “Oh, I’ve done something really bad. I need to hide my boots.

“She put the boots down the side of the settee. I think we had a fag and we was taking photos.”

Myles, of Rock Avenue, Gillingham, who is the father of his co-accused’s two children, and Halliday, of Crown Road, Sittingbourne have both denied murder but admitted manslaughter.

The trial continues…

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