Travellers pitch up on heath

A group of travellers have moved onto Dartford Heath.

At least three caravans were spotted on the grassland yesterday.

Travellers have moved on to Dartford Heath

A Dartford Borough Council spokesperson said that the council was “aware of the encampment,” and that it was already going through the motions to have it removed from the ancient heathland.

“Enforcement officers have been out to visit the site today and served a S77 direction for the encampment to vacate the land by noon today,” they added.

“Should the encampment fail to move along by then, a court hearing has been scheduled for this afternoon at Sevenoaks Magistrates Court, where Council officers will be seeking an order for the encampment to vacate the land by 6pm tomorrow.”

This comes a week after legal action was taken on a group that moved on to a field in Twydall at the beginning of the month.

It is not known if the convoy of caravans on the heath is the same group of 20 vehicles that moved onto the recreation ground off Cornwallis Avenue, near McDonald’s, on Wednesday March 4.

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