Love Island’s Welsh star Liam Reardon has got 80-year-old fans hooked on the reality show

Welsh bricklayer Liam Reardon is proving to be one of the stand out stars of the latest series of Love Island as he woos Essex girl Millie Court.

And while the ITV2 show has plenty of young fans hooked, it seems the 21-year-old from Merthyr has a rather unlikely fanbase – a group of women much older than Love Island’s 16 to 34-year-old target audience.

For Liam’s sister has revealed that the older clients who visit her parents’ hairdressing salon, Hairport, in his hometown, are tuning in in their droves, reports the Mirror.

His romance with Millie, 24, at the Majorcan villa is proving to be compelling viewing for them.

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Liam’s sister Niamh, 26, said: “Every single client is asking us! All our elderly customers as well, the 80-year-olds coming in for their weekly blow dry, they’re all watching it.

“They are loving it, honestly, they are absolutely obsessed with the programme now and they can’t stop watching it. They always smirk and say, ‘Oh, did you see what happened last night?’

“A couple of clients asked me if I’m watching Love Island. They don’t even realise that I’m his sister.”

The lovebirds soak up the sun
(Image: ITV)

Niamh said Liam is a softie at heart who loves romance although he did land in hot water after Millie discovered he had kissed another woman while at Casa Amor, the show’s other villa.

But his grovelling, texts and love notes seem to have won back Millie – for now.

Niamh said: “I’m really proud of him. I think for a 21-year-old boy who has only had one relationship when he was young, I think he handled it as well as anybody else.

“He was really respectful towards Millie and took things at her pace. He’s such a softie! He’s definitely into romance.”

Sister Niamh thinks they make a good couple
(Image: ITV)

She said his friends are really proud of him, chuffed for him and they love Millie.

Liam had returned to the main villa from Casa Amor alone but had kissed trainee accountant Lillie Haynes, 22, outside of a challenge.

Millie was in tears for days after discovering the cheating and said she was done with Liam. But after plenty of grovelling by him the couple have rekindled their romance and decided to become exclusive, sealing the deal with a kiss.

Asked if she was glad Millie had given Liam a second chance, Niamh said: “Definitely, 100%. I think now the public can see how Liam is. I think now that he’s stayed and she’s given him that chance, it’s shown everyone who he actually is.

“I’d welcome her with open arms at home. She seems right up my street, proper chilled and up for a laugh. It’ll be nice when they come out and they can maybe talk about being girlfriend and boyfriend a bit more privately.”

While Niamh is proud of her brother, some of his exploits make her sink back into the sofa, including discussing the “football” results – code for what happened between the couples at night.

She said: “Me and my mother are just laughing quite awkwardly. My father’s just smirking, like a father would with his son. It’s a little bit awkward, but it’s all right. It’s usually only a couple of seconds as they don’t show much.”

Niamh’s not been too keen on hearing about their bedroom antics
(Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

The couple are being called Milliam by viewers, which Niamh loves. She said: “We’re going to have T-shirts made with it on if they’re in the final.”

And she would approve if Liam leaves Wales to be with Millie in Essex. “Good on him! All I’ve seen is tweets comparing it to Gavin & Stacey.”

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