Jeremy Clarkson rips into ‘swivel-eyed communists and ‘drippy hippies’ at Oxfordshire council over plans to serve only vegan food | UK News

Jeremy Clarkson has ripped into Oxfordshire County Council’s decision to serve only vegan food at events, accusing them of having “absolutely no clue about farming”.

The presenter of the popular Amazon Prime Video show Clarkson’s Farm added there should be a choice of food options.

His comments came after a motion was passed to ensure all food served at the council’s events would be “entirely plant based”.

Mr Clarkson wrote in The Sun: “Oxfordshire Council, which is run by an unholy alliance of swivel-eyed communists, drippy hippies and Liberal Democrats, has decided that at all future events, it will only serve vegan food.

“Others have explained that, thanks to a dramatic drop in grants and subsidies, farmers are in dire straits at the moment and the last thing they need is a kick in the teeth from their local council.”

He added farmers should “turn up in the car park with a burger van and sell delicious meat from down the road” at council events.

He said: “You and I both know that farmers are the people who maintain the countryside.

Jeremy Clarkson has hit out at Oxfordshire County Council’s plans to serve vegan food at events. Pic: Amazon Prime Video

“They look after the woods and the dry-stone walls and the public footpaths. Often for no money.”

Council ‘recognises that meat and dairy is significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions’

Back in December, Green Councillor Ian Middleton tabled the motion for council events and also to see more plant-based menus available on school lunch menus for “at least two days per week”.

His motion said: “This Council recognises that meat and dairy production is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and global deforestation and that reducing consumption of these foods is a key part of tackling climate change and improving health outcomes.

“The government’s independent Climate Change Committee, advises that meat consumption should be reduced by a fifth, and that public bodies should lead the way by promoting plant-based food options. Leading by example on this, and food waste, should be fundamental components of our commitment to cutting carbon emissions.”

The motion is set to go to Cabinet for the final decision in the spring.

Sky News has contacted Oxfordshire County Council for a response.


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