Cosmetic dentistry Northern Ireland: Its rise and the popular ways to transform your smile

A former dental nurse has explained how much cosmetic dentistry has improved along with its popularity in Northern Ireland.

Sales rep Grainne Miskelly from BF Mulholland, a dental supply dealer based in Crumlin, and who now also trains dental nurses, has explained the different options available here to transform your smile.

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Grainne has explained the difference between implants, veneers and composite bonding along with how Invisalign works.

She believes Invisalign is the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment currently in Northern Ireland, but says bonding “has completely taken off” too as it is “easy done”.

Grainne told Be : “Way back 30 years ago when I was a dental nurse, it was a lot different and there wasn’t much cosmetic dental availability really. You had crowns, bridges, but since that dentistry has evolved and we have more.

“Implants are a big one and we are not just seeing that in the younger generation – as people are living longer and looking after themselves more.

“You would also see older patients coming in for whitening. They are also asking about bonding and if there is bone structure there for implants.

“It has evolved very quickly, even from the whitening that we would have used years ago, into the whitening we use now. Years ago there was a high amount of whitening on the market with no desensitiser in it.

“It used to be when you were whitening your teeth, you maybe would have been dying from toothache as it was so sensitive, but now it is more tolerable for patients.”

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The former dental nurse also explained what bonding is, and how it is “less evasive to a healthy tooth” instead of a crown or bridge-work.

“Composite bonding is applied to the natural tooth to make it straighter and aesthetically nicer. Say you have a gap in your front tooth or one lower than the other, this can be made to look even.

“It is a lovely piece of dentistry. This is popular in the younger generation, especially with brides-to-be and grooms. Men are becoming much more [interested in this] too. It’s usually those in the their 30s,” she said.

Grainne explained what Invisalign is and how popular it is with the younger generation.

“[Previously] you could have went to your dentist for maybe train tracks, they are still available but Invisalign is a clever invention which is an appliance you can take in and out of your mouth and it is actually your brace work.

“You can take it out at night or when you are eating, and that itself – you don’t have to go for 18 months to 2 years with train tracks in your mouth.

“It is quite quick and suits more people. Invisalign is a private option, and is popular with everyone 18 and above, especially the younger generation.”

She added that aesthetics and dentistry go hand in hand: “For years, people suffering with TMJ (temporomandibular joint) [causing] grinding, toxin is [now] applied into the masseter muscles of the face to help with this.

“You also hear of someone with a ‘gummy smile’ which is very hard to treat, if you place a bit of toxin in the [correct] area of the upper lip region, it bring downs the top lip so you are not seeing that ‘gummy smile’.”

“Veneers are still there and have been around a long time. It’s like a false nail that you can stick on.”

Grainne explained how implants are the “Rolls Royce of dentistry”, placing titanium screws into the gum before getting the finished product.

“You are talking anything from an average of £4,000 per tooth.”

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