Ukraine invasion: Second attempt to evacuate Mariupol to begin as temporary ceasefire announced | World News

A second attempt at a civil evacuation will begin in Mariupol later today along with a temporary ceasefire as people are allowed to flee the city along a humanitarian “green” corridor, the city council has said.

The operation will begin at midday local time from three locations in the city, with people being taken by bus along a route through Portovskoye, Rozovka and Zaporozhye.

People will also be able to use private transport to travel in a column along the route, which will also be accompanied by the Red Cross.

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The council said: “We ask all drivers leaving the city to facilitate the evacuation of civilians as much as possible – take people with you, fill the transport as much as possible.”

The temporary ceasefire has been announced from 10am to 9pm.

Deviating from the route is strictly forbidden, the council added.

A previous bid on Saturday to set up a humanitarian corridor was abandoned with Ukraine accusing Russia of continuing to shell the area and Moscow claiming Ukrainian “nationalists” were not allowing civilians to leave the city.

The UK’s Ministry of Defence later said Russia’s offer of a ceasefire was likely a ploy to distract attention away from it resetting its forces for a renewed attack.


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