The big Neighbours moments that fans will never forget

Who would have thought that a daytime Australian soap would have become such a memorable part of our lives?

Back in 1986 when the show was first shown on UK television (on BBC One), Neighbours become the soap everyone was talking about in the playground or office – it was everywhere.

From first loves to marriage, divorce and even death, the storylines were universal and they reflected what was going on around the world at that time.

And yes, while there were some out-there episodes and storylines, the show has always been there in one form or another for the fans.

However, with its end now sadly confirmed after producers failed to find a new broadcaster after being axed by Channel 5, we go through some of the best Neighbours moments.

1. Scott & Charlene’s Wedding

Scott & Charlene’s wedding
(Image: HO/AFP/Getty Image)

There can only be one memory for the Neighbours top spot and that is, of course, the moment viewers had been waiting for.

Yes, in 1987 the wedding of Scott Robinson (Jason Donovan) and Charlene Mitchell (Kylie Minogue), complete with the song that is still to this day a wedding ‘first dance’ classic in the form of Angry Anderson’s Suddenly, was the moment that captivated the nation with nearly 20 million tuning in to see them say ‘I do’.

2. Bouncer’s Dream

The Ramsay Street hound had an episode all of his own where it involved a dream sequence that would have made even the writers of Dallas cringe.

In Bouncer’s dream – the loveable dog got married to Rosie, Clarrie McLachlan’s border collie.

3. Death of Helen Daniels

The moment when Hannah realises that Helen has passed away. Anne Haddy as Helen Daniels and Rebecca Ritters as Hannah Martin

Helen Daniels was the Robinson family matriarch, who was one of the original cast members from the start of the show.

With her friends and family around her and after watching an old video of Scott & Charlene’s wedding, Helen fell asleep and died. Her status on the show led the episode to close with no credits and the sad piano version of the theme played out.

4. Madge’s Ghost

Madge & Harold, played respectively by Anne Charleston & Ian Smith – November 1989.
(Image: Mirrorpix)

After Madge died in Harold’s arms in 2001, her character returned in 2015 as a ghost that helped Harold in his time of need.

Whilst not up there with Bouncer’s dream, the whole Madge’s ghost storyline was still a bit out there.

5. Dr Karl’s affair

Alan Fletcher plays Dr Karl Kennedy in axed soap Neighbours on Channel 5.
(Image: Channel 5)

Dr Karl Kennedy and his wife Susan were the ‘solid’ family when they arrived on the Street back in 1994.

However, by 2004, Karl was up to no good and with an affair behind him, another one with Izzy left the Kennedys in pieces.

6. Tornado

The tornado hits. Daniel and Amber’s car spins out of control
(Image: Fremantle Media)

2014 saw ‘The Erinsbourgh tornado’ devastate the town and leave viewers wondering if their favourites were going to survive its life-changing effects.

The week-long storyline was broadcast in the UK in September 2014.

7. Susan’s Amnesia

Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kennedy in Neighbours
(Image: FreMantle Media.)

In 2002, Susan Kennedy would develop retrograde amnesia after a fall, and woke up believing it was 1972 and that she had just turned 16.

After falling in love again with Karl, her memories eventually returned at their vow renewal service.

8. Toadie and Dee’s wedding

Toadie and Dee on their wedding day, just before their car plunged off a cliff and into the sea apparently killing Dee…until she returned years later

Fan-favourite Toadie and his wedding to Dee, and the resulting car crash in 2003, was a emotional rollercoaster for Toadie and the viewers.

For Toadie, it was the moment he got to marry Dee and then, after the wedding, accidentally drove their car off a cliff and into the sea. Dee’s body was never found.

Until 2017, that is, and Dee’s return to Erinsbough – however, everything was not as it seemed.

9. Harold Bishop returns from the dead

Harold Bishop’s first departure from the show came in 1991 when he was visiting the coast with Madge. The last time we saw him – at least, until a later twist – he was standing on a rock, looking out over the sea, and in the next moment, he was gone with only his trademark glasses left behind.

However, in 1996, Harold returned and it was revealed that he had been swept out at sea and was rescued by a trawler. Whilst suffering from amnesia he went by the name Ted.

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